January 6, 2016

Lunch Menu

Small Bites

Vegetable Samosa – 2.50
Triangular pastry stuffed with vegetables.

Chicken Samosa – 2.99
Pastry stuffed with spiced ground chicken.

Onion Bhaji – 2.99
Sliced onion mixed with herbs and spices, dipped in chick pea flour.

Vegetable Kabab – 2.99
Potato mix vegetable with herbs and spices.

Appetizer Platter for 2 – 9.99
(Samosa, Onion Bhaji, Veg Kabab & Chicken Tikka).

Soup salad and wrap

Daal Soup & Naan – 7.99
A delicate balance of yellow and red lentils with hint of turmeric (haldi) lemon and cilantro.

Chicken Tikka Salad – 8.99
Fresh crisp Romaine topped with diced tomato, cucumber and sliced chicken tikka.

Chicken Tikka wrap – 8.99

Bread from our Tandoor

Plain Naan – 2.99
This delicious bread is baked in a clay oven.

Cheese Naan – 3.99

Garlic Naan – 3.99

Curry in a Hurry

Serve by the plate (All dishes come with Basmati Rice and Salad).

Butter Chicken – 12.99(plate) 16.99(with pint)
Marinated chicken, smoked and cooked then simmered in yogurt based sauce with almonds and raisins, very popular curry.

Lamb Curry with spinach – 13.99(plate)17.99(with pint)
Traditional balti cooking. It’s a long, slow simmering, which makes the meat very tender.

Chicken Curry – 10.99(plate)15.99(with pint)

Classic feel good curry. Lots of flavour with spicy kick.

Chicken Tikka – 11.99(plate)15.99(with pint)
Mildly marinated chicken breast roasted on skewers in the tandoori oven.

Saag Paneer – 10.99(plate)15.99(with pint)
Spinach & Indian cheese curry. It’s the ladies’ favourite dish.

Mixed Vegetable Curry – 9.99(plate)14.99(with pint)
Loads of vegetables saluteed with garlic, ginger and onion.

Chick Pea & Eggplant with Mango Tamarind – 9.99(plate)14.99(with pint)
This curry is sweet and sour. Fresh eggplant and chick peas with savoury tamarind.

Add any Extra Curry on your plate for – 2 .00(Veggie)3.00(Meat)


Gulab Jamon – 4.99
Buttermilk dumpling in a cardamom, cinnamon syrup with hint of rose water.

Rice Pudding  – 4.99

Allergy Awareness: Our dishes may contain traces of nuts or dairy products.

Gluten Free Dishes available. Ask staff for details

Taxes not included in prices.

Note: Prices may change without any notice.